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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Viking Moorings Inks 2-Year Agreement with Deep Sea Anchors

- Viking Moorings Inks 2-Year Agreement with Deep Sea Anchors

Wednesday, September 07, 2011
Viking Moorings

Viking Moorings has signed a two-year agreement with Norwegian company, Deep Sea Anchors (DSA) to supply its industry leading deep water 'torpedo' anchors to mooring installations worldwide. The announcement was made at Offshore Europe in Aberdeen where Viking Moorings is exhibiting in the Deep Water Zone.

The agreement, which will cover all regions of the world outside Norway, will allow Viking Moorings to provide an even greater breadth of integrated anchoring solutions to its clients with, once a suitable project is identified, an exclusive agreement with DSA put in place to supply it anchors.

The Deep Penetrating Anchor (DPA), also known as the 'torpedo' anchor, is a dynamically installed anchor which is released freely from a predetermined height over the seabed using gravity as the installation force. The anchor penetrates well below the mudline and sets into stiff clay sediments providing a secure and cost effective anchoring solution irrespective of water depths and allowing for both taut leg and catenary mooring installations.

Other benefits include simplified installation, precise positioning and the elimination of the need for hydraulic and electrical lines which are often used for traditional anchor installations.

"Viking is all about providing greater innovation, greater choice and the optimal mooring solution for our customers," said Viking Moorings Chief Executive – Mooring Solutions, Wolfgang Wandl.

"Having considered a number of our recent mooring installations to be ideal for torpedo anchoring, the formal teaming up with DSA, one of the few providers of such anchors, was an obvious fit. There's no better forum to showcase these new capabilities than the Deep Water Zone and Offshore Europe this year and we look forward to a mutually collaborative arrangement with DSA."

"Deep Sea Anchors is very pleased to have signed this agreement with Viking Moorings," said Ivar Erdal, CEO of Deep Sea Anchors. "Working with Viking Moorings is a perfect match for us, combining our unique anchoring solutions for soft seabed and deep waters with Viking Moorings' comprehensive mooring services and dedicated team of experts.

He continued, "Viking Moorings' knowledge and presence in many countries and regions where our DPA's can be applied with success and to the great benefit of clients was a major reason for entering into this agreement. Being a small and focused company, market entrance remains a challenge - a challenge which can be made easier through this agreement."

Using gravity, the DPA™ anchor starts its descent under cable control before accelerating at up to 100 kilometers per hour for the final 75 meter drop, shooting the anchor deep into the seabed sediments to attain sufficient holding capacity. The anchor penetrates typically 25-35m into stiff clay sediments thus allowing for taut leg as well as catenary mooring. The anchors are not affected by waves and can be deployed at depths of between 500 and 3000 meters. Deep Sea Anchors is based in Trondheim, Norway.

Viking Moorings provides total mooring solutions to operators and drilling contractors, consisting of initial mooring design and analysis, rig move procedures, risk assessments and safety approvals, equipment rental, installation and support, chain inspection, spooling services and logistics services, marine sales, repair and maintenance.

Through a comprehensive evaluation of seabed conditions, Viking Moorings decides upon the optimal anchoring solution for each client whether it be a DPA or more traditional anchoring solution. Other anchors that Viking Moorings supplies to its customers includes the Vryhof Stevpris MK6 and MK 5 anchors, the Vryhof Stevshark anchor, the Stevin anchor, the Bruce Twin Shank and Dennla MK4 anchors and a number of others.

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