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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Entek Updates Activities in Niobrara Shale Oil Proj.

- Entek Updates Activities in Niobrara Shale Oil Proj.

Thursday, September 01, 2011
Entek Energy Ltd.

Entek provided an update on the Niobrara Shale Oil Project Appraisal Program in the Green River Basin.

Battle Mountain 14-10L – The Frontier (secondary objective) has been successfully fracture stimulated. Limited testing has been performed before completion and testing operations start on the lowest of the Niobrara Benches in the well. Test results suggest the discovery of an oil prone sweet-spot in the Frontier Formation which is part of the Mowry Shale Resource Play. The play has been a secondary target across the Company's acreage since it tested hydrocarbons at an initial rate of 1.2 MMCFD and 10 BOPD in the Focus Ranch 12-1 well and since has shown significant oil and gas shows in each well where penetrated across the acreage.

Test results suggest that the 14 ft perforated zone in the Battle Mountain 14-10 well will be capable of around 20 BOPD and over 100 MCFD. It is most likely that the production from the Frontier will be comingled with production from the Niobrara once planned completion and testing operations in the well are complete. In the future the Frontier, like the Niobrara, is likely to become a candidate for horizontal drilling. The Company will provide an update as the appraisal program continues on the potential of the Frontier and Mowry Shale Resource Play across its acreage position.

The completion program for the Niobrara (primary objective), which includes fracture stimulation and testing, will be initiated this week with fracture stimulation planned around September 15.

Slater Dome (SD) Federal 24-9DL – The well has successfully reached its total depth of 8,300 ft after penetrating both the Niobrara and Frontier Formations. The well had significant oil and gas shows while drilling and was prepared for logging, with good hole condition reported. While pulling out of hole to run wireline logs a drill string connection mechanically failed. Operations are continuing to remove the drill string from the hole prior to logging.

C&C Cattle 18-8 – Location preparation is complete. It is anticipated that the rig will be mobilized from the 24-9 location to the 18-8 location over the next week. An additional rig is on standby to mobilize to the 18-8 location if operations on the 24-9 well take longer than expected.

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