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Monday, July 18, 2011

Triple Diamond Places Murray Well on Production

- Triple Diamond Places Murray Well on Production

Monday, July 18, 2011
Triple Diamond Energy

Triple Diamond Energy put the new Murray #14-3 well into production on Thursday, June 30. Located in Garvin County, Oklahoma, the well represents the company’s first success using a technique called Seismic Geophysical Survey Testing.

Seismic methods are the most widely employed of all geophysical methods used in petroleum exploration, as they provide highly accurate renditions of the geometry of subsurface layers. However, the costs associated with seismic methods are much higher than other types of geophysical surveys, requiring a substantial investment for companies interested in using the technology.

“This was a large seismic project, but the results back up our geophysicists’ theories on the area, and really validate what we’re doing,” explains President Chris Jent of Triple Diamond Energy.

The company finished strong in 2010 and has continued the trend throughout the first half of 2011. Thanks to impressive numbers and streamlined operations, TDE is zeroing in on achieving impressive goals of growth for this year. In keeping with this success, the company projects Murray #14-3 well will have a twenty-four month payback.

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